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Broaden Your Insight Through Maps with GeoDashboard from Braga Technologies

Visualize spatial data, excercise spatial analysis, and gather valuable insights with Geo-Dashboard - from your browser.

Multi-Format Data Visualization

Advanced Spatial Analytics

Data Management and Integration

Multi-Format Data Visualization

Pocess Your Data into Beautifully Informative Visualization

Geodashboard is made lightweight to allow quick data display and processing. Perform multi data analysis in one place, no need to use too many platforms just to display various data types. Take liberty in the way you wish to present your data visually to suit your message, audience, brand, and your color standard.

Features and Specification

  • Supports more than 10 types of data (CSV, SHP, KML, GeoJSON, dwg, dxf, TiFF, obj, LAS, etc.)

  • Visualize in 2D Vector or Raster with customizable visualization and styling on the map according to our carefully implemented cartographic aspects.

  • Process loads of data faster with Tiling technology.

  • Perform quick-analysis or do comprehensive analysis seamlessly with Table View.

Advanced Spatial Analytics

Perform Analytics Quickly to Assist Your Decision Making

With the help of analysis tools inform yourself for immediate decisions or carry intensive insight collection and research. Geodashboard is a suitable platform for field workers who carry out surveys, and analytics at the same time as much as for the researchers, analyst, and official workers who aims to cultivate insight through rich data processing.

Features and Specification

  • Tenths of advanced Analytic Tools integrated to GeoDashboard to supports Your insight collection.

  • Create precise conclusion and accurate decisions with cutting edge tools such as Buffer Tool, Route Finding, Geoprocessing and Multi-Site Analysis, Spatial Autocorrelation, and many more.

Data Management and Integration

Take full control of Your data potentials

Make immediate change or add more data to your database, do it easily in GeoDashboard without working on it from scratch. No need to go through steep learning curves just to learn your new tool. Strenghten the platform even further by integrating GeoDashboard instantly to your IoT devices, APIs, Servers and Sensors seamlessly.

Features and Specification

  • Multiple IoT Device and Open Data integrations.

  • Platform and Database integrations for both existing internal and external infrastructure.

  • Intricately manage, process, and customize data with CRUD tools.


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