Navigating the world, one map at a time.

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Broaden Your Insight Through Maps with GeoDashboard from Braga Technologies

Visualize spatial data, excercise spatial analysis, and gather valuable insights with Geo-Dashboard - from your browser.


Made Local, Map Global.

Work with Mapmakers excels in navigating Indonesia's Perimeters

Internalized Research and Development

The specialization of geospatial technology development within our country strengthens the individual capability, transfers knowledge and grows the geospatial industry ecosystem.

Fair Priced, Maximum Value.

Prices are almost never the same in international markets. By reducing the margin from international business chain, we can allocate our resources to focus on what matters most, providing more value.

High Qualities at Braga Technologies.

In the past, information trade is limited by regional boundaries. Tech companies are centralized only in a few location such as Silicon Valley or Berlin. Nowadays, we obtain the same technology, learning, and development everywhere without any limitations. Forget Silicon Valley, our technologies are created by Indonesian geospatial geeks who take hold of the cutting-edge technology of the world.


TKDN Certified

Software product


Product Features

Navigate the world, One Map at a time.

Easily orchestrate Geospatial Data to accurately guide decision making and insight cultivation.

Multi-Format Data Visualization

GeoDashboard easily work with tenths of data format to process and visualize in 2D, Vector or Raster. Assemble your data to form a stunningly informative visualization and accurate insights.

Advanced Spatial Analytics

Designated tools by use case to answer specific problems, perform analytics quickly to assist your decision making with our ddvanced analytic tools.

Data Management & Integration

Immediately make changes or add data without building from scratch, and easily integrate your IoT, Servers, and APIs with the Geodashboard.

GeoDashboard by Braga Technologies is Designed for Discovery of Geospatial Insight

A simply-powerful tool, made for everyone to explore location insights faster than ever.


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